3rd Fleet (Star League)

Third Fleet
Affiliation Star League
Parent Command SLDF Naval Command

The Third Fleet was a part of the Star League Defense Force Naval Command.[1] Like Second Fleet, it was stationed in the Terran Hegemony.[2]


Reunification War[edit]


During the Reunification War the Third Fleet - then the Third Battle Fleet - was involved in Operation BULL RUN, the campaign to conquer the Taurian Concordat. The Third Battle Fleet would see action early in the campaign, with elements of the Fleet being assigned to the conquest of Ridgebrook, one of the first two worlds to be targeted for invasion in mid-May 2578. The attack began with the 3rd Battle Fleet taking the lead and engaging a squadron of Taurian WarShips orbiting Ridgebrook in what became a five-hour battle in which the Taurian WarShips attempted to destroy as many SLDF transports as possible while the 3rd Battle Fleet attempted to punch a hole through the Taurian WarShip picket to allow the 1st and 2nd Divisions to begin landing. By the time the Taurian picket was broken, four Taurian WarShips and three SLDF WarShips had been destroyed; of more importance to the ground campaign was the loss of ten SLDF DropShips along with more than a regiment of troops they had been transporting.[3]

Star League Era[edit]

The Third Fleet was responsible for guarding the various worlds of the Terran Hegemony and was routinely deployed as independent squadrons throughout the one hundred and forty-seven systems that made up the Hegemony.[1] As part of this effort, the Third had mapped the various unpopulated star systems in the Hegemony and computed the fastest jump routes between their duty stations. This led many to believe that the Third's WarShips were fitted with Lithium-Fusion Batteries, but this wasn't correct. Third Fleet simply knew where the recharge stations and best jump routes were. Third Fleet had another duty: They acted as security for all Department of Mega-Engineering projects that took place in the Hegemony's borders. During Operation SMOTHER Third Fleet's squadrons secured the SLDF supply train in the Hegemony, preventing either the Federated Suns or Draconis Combine from choking off the logistical elements.

Third Fleet was homeported at New Earth. Its headquarters was co-located with the Combat College of New Earth and the Regular Army Command's headquarters. When on patrol the Squadrons use both DoME and SLDF bases for resupply, but the Third's commander encourages each squadron to return to New Earth at least once every two years.[2]

While the other fleets within the Hegemony gave up squadrons to form a part of the forces deployed into the Periphery during the Periphery Uprising,[4] the Third Fleet was instead deployed to replace those Fleets assigned across the Inner Sphere which were deploying into the Periphery.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 3rd Fleet (Star League)
Admiral Renata Dokovic 2765[1]




Composition History[edit]


The Third Fleet was comprised of four active squadrons:[2]

  • 31st Battle Squadron (The Battle of Midway Squadron)[2]
  • 32nd Pursuit Squadron (The Battle of Surigao Strait Squadron)[2]
  • 33rd Reconnaissance Squadron (The Falkland Islands Squadron)[2]
  • 34th Reconnaissance Squadron (The Battle of Trafalgar Squadron)[2]


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