Acca Haig

Acca Haig
Affiliation Black Eagles Stables
Profession Arena Gladiator


Acca Haig was a Class Two fighter in Solaris VII's BBL from the Black Eagles Stables during the Dark Age.[1]

She did participate in the 3086 Championship.[1]

For her match in the third week, she was paired against Jean Cuvier. Cuvier used his Spider's speed and agility to frustrate Haig and her Panther. A wrong guess about Cuvier's path of flight cost Haig a foot actuator. Haig tried to hang on for the draw, but after losing a knee actuator, she conceded the match.[1]

Her next fights were not very good, and she was near the end of the table when week seventh arrived, having only won two of her six matches. That week he was paired against Tyler Boyer from the Regulus Wrath Stables. Things between both stables were soured, and did not get better when Boyer's Stinger entered with the Regulan Hussars' emblem on its chest, while Haig's Panther, painted in FWL purple, had the House Marik eagle prominently displayed on the torso. It quickly became obvious that both had modified their 'Mechs. Boyer's lasers struck the Panther at longer than normal range (most probably being ER Laser), only to do little damage to the Black Eagle 'Mech's glazed armor. Haig fired her ERPPC and the powerful beam nearly took Boyer's head off. The next twenty-two minutes were ugly, as it became clear that each warrior was out for blood. Unable to do serious damage to the Panther quickly, Boyer kept moving to avoid Haig's weapon, but Boyer's odds finally gave out when one of Haig's PPC blasts vaporized his right leg. Boyer tried to fight on, but officials, fearing that things would get out of hand, quickly called the fight and awarded Haig the win. The Wraths have filed an official protest, which would be ruled on next week.[2] The complain was not accepted and the result of the match was kept.[3]

For her match on week eight, she was paired against third place Carlos Valdez, with both MechWarriors piloting Panthers. From the start Valdez was quicker. His first PPC shot stripped the armor off of Haig's right arm. Valdez continued to be methodical as he slowly took Haig apart. When a PPC blast destroyed the Haig's right torso, she conceded the match.[3]

He got a rematch against Jean Cuvier on week nine. The match was tense from the start. Haig came out fast, getting the match's first solid hits, but Cuvier recovered quickly and hammered Haig. The match was conducted at a frantic pace, Cuvier spending nearly as much time in the air as on the ground. Haig gamely hung on, using the Deep's outcroppings to shield her from Cuvier's pulse lasers. Despite Cuvier's best efforts, Haig hung on and earned a time-expired draw.[4]




She pilots a Panther.[1]


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