Ada Siegel

Ada Siegel
Died 2899
Affiliation Clan Snow Raven
Rank Khan
Profession MechWarrior

Ada Siegel was a MechWarrior of Clan Snow Raven who rose to the rank of Khan of Clan Snow Raven.[1]


Between 2897 and 2899, Clan Steel Viper completed their first major conquest: the world of Hellgate in the Kerensky Cluster. A resource-rich world that was inhospitable to most human development, Clan Snow Raven had invested much in the colony, including a massive agricultural dome for the production of food. The Steel Vipers saw that this was the key to controlling the world, and launched a successful Trial of Possession for the agricultural facility. Khan Sanra Mercer killed in cold blood and without offering Hegira Snow Raven's Khan Ada Siegel[2]. Unable to dislodge the Steel Vipers, and without food supplies to feed their population, the Snow Ravens slowly let go of the world, not wishing to let their masses simply starve to death. The feud sparked by this incident would last for the greater part of two centuries.[3] [1]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Khan of Clan Steel Viper
???? - 2899

Succeeded by
Bennett Cooper


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