Adrianna Chowla

Adrianna Chowla
Affiliation House Chowla
Rank Staff Sergeant
Profession MechWarrior

Adrianna Chowla was an NCO with First Marik Militia.


Andurien Secession[edit]

In 3039, the First Marik Militia was involved in operations on Andurien, north of the capital Jojoken. What started as a minor battle with the Sixth Defenders of Andurien trapping a Company of the First Militia in the city of Baroda escalated into a meeting engagement that became the pivotal battle on planet, shattering the First and Sixth Defenders.[1]

A key component of the victory at Baroda was down to the actions of Staff Sergeant Adrianna Chowla, a Mongoose pilot within a recon lance from the First Militia's Second Battalion. Left alone behind enemy lines when her lancemates were cut down by forces from the Sixth Defenders, Chowla elected to remain in place, gathering information on the various deployments of the Sixth Defenders and then the First Defenders of Andurien when they arrived to reinforce the Sixth. Chowla made repeated runs to transmit information to the First Militia, despite being spotted and engaged several times by the Defenders, who began referring to her Mongoose as the "Ghost 'Mech"; Chowla not only provided key information to the First Militia but also downed a Vindicator in a battle that became a teaching simulation in later years used extensively by the Allison MechWarrior Institute, and even went so far as to deactivate damaged weapons on her own 'Mech to ensure that the Beagle Active Probe continued to gather information.[2]


Chowla piloted a Mongoose.[2]


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