Alaya Addison

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Alaya Addison
Affiliation Daggers of Death
Profession MechWarrior

Alaya Addison was a MechWarrior officer serving with the Daggers of Death mercenary unit in the early thirty-first century. She was a citizen of the Draconis Combine, having been born on Chichibu circa 2998.[1]


The Galtor Operation[edit]

Lieutenant Addison was commander of the recon lance in the Daggers' second company during their disastrous raiding mission to Galtor III in July 3027.

When Captain George Rodgers was cut off by Davion BattleMechs, Lieutenant Addison led a counterattack that rescued the severely injured Rodgers at the cost of one of her MechWarriors.[2]

Repercussions at Scheat[edit]

Regrouping on the Kuritan world of Scheat, the commander of the Daggers placed Addison in command of the second company to replace Captain Rodgers. She had to rebuild what was left of the company, which included demoralized MechWarriors and 'Mechs in desperate need of repair.[3]

Addison's greatest problem lay with Morgan Falk, the leader of her fire lance. His unexpected outburst in her office - that he could not take orders from a woman - left Addison speechless.

That stopped me, stopped me cold. How do you answer something like that?

-Addison's reaction to Falk's outburst.[4]

Her attempts to have Falk suspended from duty were turned down by the Daggers' commanding officer. It became a moot point, because Scheat came under attack by a Davion raiding force shortly afterwards.

The Battle of Hill 091[edit]

The Daggers were ordered by their Kuritan employers to hold a defensive line against a force almost double their numbers, while their own 'Mechs were still not fully combat-ready. Alaya Addison's own Thunderbolt was lacking its large laser, which made for a serious handicap during the battle.[5]

When the Daggers were forced away from their assigned position, Addison's 'Mech suffered a leg actuator failure that left her to face a Federated Suns Marauder alone. As the Davion 'Mech began to batter her machine to scrap, Addison received unexpected help from Morgan Falk, who threw his Griffin at the Marauder in a suicidal frenzy.[6]

Despite her urging him to eject from his critically-damaged 'Mech, Falk saved Addison's life by seizing the Davion machine just as his remaining LRM ammunition detonated.[7]

In the aftermath of the battle, Alaya Addison reviewed Morgan Falk's files and discovered the root cause of his "misogynistic" attitude towards her. What she had taken as his male chauvinism was in fact an ingrained impulse to protect a woman from harm, a cultural relic from his home world. The revelation left Addison wondering about the social differences between the Successor States and the cultures of ancient Terra, where chivalry towards women was often an accepted custom.


Addison piloted a Panther during her tenure as recon lance commander of the Daggers' second company. She transferred up to the unit's Thunderbolt after its assigned pilot was left with career-ending injuries.


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