Alexander Ellis

Alexander Ellis
Born 2331
Affiliation House Cameron
Profession Industrialist[1]
Spouse Margaret Cameron[1]
Children Raymond Cameron
Brian Cameron
Judith Cameron

Alexander Ellis was a House Cameron noble by marriage.


He was sixteen when he married Margaret Cameron, seventeen years old in 2347, he was a young industrialist heir. Five years later, Margaret's father passed the Cameron's Edict of 2351, which cemented her wife family's control of the Terran Hegemony and paved the way for her becoming his successor. Also, the edict restored her family name so that she would rule as a Cameron, not as an Ellis.[2]

Family and Legacy[edit]

Alexander had three children with his wife, Margaret. Raymond in 2348, Brian and Judith were born ten years later in the 2350s. All his children would become Director-General at one point in their lives.[3]


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