Amanda Cunningham

Amanda Cunningham
Affiliation Terran Hegemony
Rank Lt. Colonel
Profession MechWarrior

Amanda Cunningham was an officer of the Terran Alliance.[1]


The first battle in the history of the Inner Sphere to involve BattleMechs also involved the Terran Alliance 801st Heavy Armored Regiment. A lance of Mackies led by Lt. Colonel Amanda Cunningham[1] from the 801st faced a company of armored vehicles from the Draconis Combine on the planet Styx, which the Kuritans were attempting to raid.[2] The 'Mechs from the 801st easily handled the Combine tanks and their infantry support outside the city of Barbados; faced with the new Hegemony weapons on a battlefield marred by wet weather conditions and mud, only a single Combine tank and a few infantry were left alive from the raiding party at the end of the battle. This overwhelming victory proved to most that BattleMech technology would be decisive in future battles.[3]


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