801st Heavy Armored Regiment

801st Heavy Armored Regiment
Affiliation Terran Hegemony
Parent Command Hegemony Armed Forces


The 801st Heavy Armored Regiment was a unit within the Hegemony Armed Forces and one of the first military units in the Inner Sphere to be equipped with the BattleMech.


The Terran Hegemony was responsible for the development of the first BattleMech, with the MSK-5S Mackie entering service in 2439.[1] The pilot of the first Mackie to undergo successful testing was Colonel Charles Kincaid, a scion of the wealthy and influential Kincaid family, and Kincaid would go on to command a 'Mech company within the 801st.[2][3]

The first battle in the history of the Inner Sphere to involve BattleMechs also involved the 801st; a lance of Mackies led by Lt. Colonel Amanda Cunningham[3] from the 801st faced a company of armored vehicles from the Draconis Combine on the planet Styx, which the Kuritans were attempting to raid.[1] The 'Mechs from the 801st easily handled the Combine tanks and their infantry support outside the city of Barbados; faced with the new Hegemony weapons on a battlefield marred by wet weather conditions and mud, only a single Combine tank and a few infantry were left alive from the raiding party at the end of the battle. This overwhelming victory proved to most that BattleMech technology would be decisive in future battles.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 801st Heavy Armored Regiment




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