Angus Ryan

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Angus Ryan
Affiliation Redjack Ryan (Butte Hold)
Profession Pirate

Angus Ryan was a cousin of pirate king Redjack Ryan.


Piloting a stolen CRD-3D Crusader, Angus Ryan took part in the defense of Redjack Ryan's assets on Butte Hold against Operation Crusader, a punitive raid from House Steiner.

During the fighting a Steiner MechWarrior, the Green Knight, attacked Redjack Ryan's field HQ in a location identified as the Sahara II desert. Angus Ryan was the only defender in the area. He managed to destroy the Green Knight's Archer and thereby save the HQ, but was in turn killed by an ammunition explosion that destroyed his 'Mech. The battle was witnessed by a downed aerospace pilot from Ryan's forces named Ridley.[1]

Although no timestamp is given for Operation Crusader, context suggests it must have taken place during Redjack Ryan's reign on Butte Hold that lasted from 3018 to ca. 3050 (though his realm was merged into the Greater Valkyrate in late 3028). It was noted as of ca. 3025 that no government dared move against him because of the many hostages he held, suggesting the punitive raid took place early on, and prior to 3025. It may have been a direct response to the Fianna massacre that led to Ryan setting up shop on Butte Hold in the first place.


Being featured only in a product that, while official, does not meet the current criteria for canon and is thus apocryphal (the TCI Model Sets), Angus Ryan must be considered apocryphal as well.


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