Anna Heig

Anna Heig
Affiliation Free Rasalhague Republic
Ice Giants Stables
Profession MechWarrior


Anna Heig handles heavy and assault class 'Mech training. She is a veteran of the KungsArmé and hates the Clans to her heart. The Ghost Bear Dominion has pressed charges on being a terrorits, which have been forcefully denied by her. No proof of those clains though has been produced by the Dominion, so she can still pass his knowledge and anger to her students.[1] She lost most of her family in the revolt, which has left deep but not visible scars on her. She was smuggled out of the Dominion and immediately offered the job at Ice Giant Stables. She is as though as Neil Kesler in training, but she is now suffering depression, rarely eats and sleeps little. She is though refusing all attempts to help her from Garth Anderson, who has been lately worried about her. She can be rated as a Veteran MechWarrior.[2]


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