Ark Royal (Individual WarShip)

This article is about the SLDF vessel. For the Clan Snow Raven carrier, see Ark Royal (Individual Conqueror-class WarShip).
Ark Royal
Vessel Profile


The SLS Ark Royal was listed as the winner of the Best WarShip category of the 2640 Martial Olympiad.[1][2] Its class was not mentioned.


It is in no way confirmed, but also still possible that the Conqueror-class vessel of the same name in the Clan Snow Raven touman is the same vessel. The Conqueror is based on the Kimagure, and a minority of Clan vessels kept their SLDF names if notable. While the Kimagure class debuted in the late twenty-sixth century, and the Conqueror a Clan Invasion era design, a 2640 Martial Olympiad win is certainly plausible.


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