Barton Avellar

Barton Avellar
Character Profile
Born 2563[1]
Affiliation House Avellar
Profession President
Parents Grigori Avellar (father)
Alexandra Riota (mother)
Siblings Katherine Avellar
Angelo Avellar
Nikolaus Avellar

Barton Avellar was president of the Outworlds Alliance after the Reunification War.


Early Life[edit]

The eldest son of Grigori Avellar and Alexandra Riota, Barton Avellar was born ten months into his parents marriage, and grew up in the tense years leading up to the Star League invasion of the Outworlds Alliance. Grigori shielded Barton from the personal demons that had haunted his own life, and Alexandra was determined to protect him; as a result, when Grigori Avellar died in August 2587, Barton was completely unprepared for the task ahead of him.[1][2]


Assuming the Presidency in August 2587, Barton had high hopes of returning the Outworlds alliance to it's pre–Reunification War greatness, but he lacked the skills and political touch his father had possessed. For several years, Barton was barely able to influence the Star League reconstruction efforts being controlled by the Director of Outworlds Alliance Affairs, Frederick Kiryukin, and was reduced to observing the Star League efforts while frantically putting out internal political fires.[3][4]

Barton moved from observation to action initially by trying to fight for the expansion of the Star League-funded reconstruction and recovery efforts; he also started a series of economic programs that partnered Alliance businesses with counterparts in the Federated Suns and Draconis Combine. He then called on the tactics Grigori and other Alliance Presidents had used for generations, attempting at first to conceal from each nation the fact that many of the schemes were being funded by both, and when caught out, tried to play them off against each other. Lacking the ability to use such tactics successfully, Barton's efforts failed, and in 2600 an organized group of investors from the Combine organized a coup within the Alliance. Using bribery and other means to secure the required votes, the Kuritan group successfully ousted Barton from the Presidency in favor of his cousin Rodrigo Avellar.[4]


According to the (apocryphal) German novel Über dem Gesetz, Barton Avellar unsuccessfully tried to form a military alliance with House Kurita's Draconis Combine and was publicly humiliated and mocked by Coordinator Leonard Kurita for the attempt; in turn, Avellar then nullified the Combine's benefits from a previous trade agreement by including Federated Suns firms in the deal. Following a shouting match in October 2600, Leonard Kurita ordered the ISF to arrange for Avellar's death and Barton Avellar was shot by a sniper by February 2601.



  • Barton Avellar suffers a -1 penalty to all Strategy checks.[2]
  • Barton Avellar suffers an additional -1 penalty to any Connection Rolls.[2]


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