BattleTechWiki:Sarna Campaigns

Sarna Campaigns are select multiple-Editor endeavors intended to address one issue or challenge in a limited-time period. They differ from long-term activities like BattleTechWiki:Projects in that the goal has a clear objective, is seen as something attainable within a short time frame, and needs little active coordination. Generally established with either a Senior Editor or Admin, any registered Sarna Editor may "command" a campaign and, upon its successful conclusion, may award customized campaign ribbons to the site-registered participants (as long as participation occurred within the time frame defining the campaign).

ASF Campaign (27 July - 11 August 2022)[edit]

ASF Campaign (27 July - 11 August 2022)
The ASF Campaign sought to eradicate the use of "Aerospace Fighter" and "AeroSpace Fighter" as terms in use on Sarna, replacing the now-verboten phrases with "aerospace fighter". Exceptions for the use of "Aerospace Fighter" were given for section and table headings. The improper use of "Aerospace" and and all instances of "AeroSpace" as singular words were also targeted. The campaign was announced on 27 July 2022 and concluded 14 days later.
Registered Participants: Breenland (Warrior), Revanche (FC), SilverCyanide (Warrior)

DA Dossier Campaign (9 Feb. 2024-on)[edit]

DA Pilot Dossier Campaign
The DA Pilot Dossier Campaign seeks to clean up MWDA pilot dossier citations across Sarna, updating them to both the current compilation and modern citation standards, clearing out old links to individual dossiers and citing uncited information.