BattleTechWiki:Template index/Compact tables of contents

This page lists ways to create several kinds of compact tables of contents (TOC). Please note that a normal compact TOC will not work when put on Category pages; this page contains a separate section instructing you how to put a compact TOC on Category pages.

Non-category pages[edit]

These should work on pages whose title does not begin with "Category:".

{{Compact ToC}}

See template page for numerous examples. This highly customizable template can replace most other templates listed below, which are in the process of being switched over to its code.


Variable, see template page for examples


Similar to the above, includes the prefix in the links

Category pages[edit]

Use one of these on pages whose title begins with "Category:".

{{Category TOC}}

{{Large category TOC}}

{{Category TOC|numerals=separate|uppercase=no}}

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