Battle of Tsarahavana (3148)

Battle of Tsarahavana (3148)
Start Date December 3148
Planet Tsarahavana
Result Rim Territories victory
Rim Territories conquest
Rim Territories
Lyran Commonwealth
Commanders and leaders
David Munis
Forces involved
The Blooddrinkers Tsarahavana Militia


In December 3148 the battalion-sized pirate band The Blooddrinkers struck at Tsarahavana as other pirates operating out of the Rim Territories descended on other Lyran Commonwealth worlds. Initially meeting with stiffer resistance from the planetary militia than expected, The Blooddrinkers nearly routed. One company commander did break and run, only to be shot down by the leader David Munis as the Captain ran past him. Octavius Cox harassed the Militia's rear in his MHC-15 Hermit Crab long enough to keep the Militia from capitalizing on this advantage as well as giving Munis time to forcefully rally his Blooddrinkers. When the pirates reformed they overpowered the Militia and gained control of the planet.[1][2]


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