Bearhunter Superheavy Support Autocannon

A Clan Ghost Bear Elemental in body armor with a Bearhunter Autocannon


The "Bearhunter" Superheavy Autocannon is a variation of the Semi-Portable Autocannon developed by Clan Hell's Horses. As one of the few Clans proficient in deploying conventional infantry, Clan Hell's Horses designed the "Bearhunter" to improve their offensive capabilities by using three rotating barrels to prevent overheating and achieve a greater rate of fire than the original at the expense of cost and effective range. Also, like the semi-portable autocannon, the "Bearhunter" cannot incorporate recoil compensators but can be used by a single individual by means of a gyroscopic harness.[1]

While originally a Hell's Horses design, the "Bearhunter" fell into the hands of Clan Ghost Bear during the Hell's Horses' ill-fated raids into the Ghost Bear Dominion. At the end of the Dominion War, the Ghost Bears turned on the Hell's Horses, seizing all three of their Inner Sphere worlds along with examples of the "Bearhunter" for use by their own infantry forces.[1]



Item: Autocannon, Bearhunter[2]
Equipment Rating: D/X-X-D/F
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: 7B/7B
Range: 14/60/120/200 meters
Shots: 180
Cost/Reload: 3000/200
Affiliation: Clans
Mass/Reload: 40kg/9kg
Notes: Burst 30; Recoil -3; Crew 2; Jam on Fumble


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