Bono Duganmare

Bono Duganmare
Affiliation Lyran Commonwealth
Profession Captain

Bono Duganmare (b. ???? - d. ????) was a notable Lyran Commonwealth MechWarrior during the Third and Fourth Succession Wars.


Commander of a company in the Twenty-second Skye Rangers as of 3025, Duganmare had the unenviable task of training inexperienced warriors and licking them into shape. Quick and demanding, Duganmare constantly moved about the training field in his silver-painted Commando named the Death's Knell cajoling his men to work harder, and if that failed, abruptly delivered a boot to a trainee 'Mech's backside.[1] [2]

In battle, though concerned about his men's welfare, Duganmare knew enough to let them do their jobs with great tactical expertise. While not a flashy hero with many kills to his name, Duganmare had earned the respect of both the men that served under him as well his superiors in the Twenty-Second, who treat him as a valuable resource. The Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces High Command also agreed, with Duganmare and his Death's Knell transferred to head up the light BattleMech training program at the prestigious Nagelring on Tharkad.[1] [2]


Bono primarily piloted a Commando BattleMech in 3025.[1]


  • A non-canon Commando appears in the game MechWarrior: Online named after Bono's, the Death's Knell.


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