Brock Marik

Brock Marik
Born 2910
Died 2948
Affiliation House Marik
Profession Captain-General
Parents Iris Marik (mother)
Siblings Thaddeus Marik


Born in 2910[1], Brock Marik was the eldest son of Iris Marik[2][3] and the third Captain-General to rule the Free Worlds League in a single year.[4]

Described as a bellicose, iron-willed individual,[4] Brock Marik was the 45th Captain-General of the Free Worlds League and was considered to be more akin to his uncle, Paul Marik than his mother.[1] Brock had intended to make his mother one of his chief advisors, an action that might have had a profound effect on the future of the Free Worlds League,[4] but his reign lasted just eighteen months.[3]

Brock Marik enjoyed leading his troops, something that doubtless fueled the comparisons between him and Paul Marik, and he began his reign in 2947 by touring the realm.[1] He was touring Van Diemen IV in 2948 when the military base he was visiting was firebombed by Capellan forces[5] and was killed during the attack.[3][4] It has never been confirmed if his death during the attack was the result of deliberate planning or merely a coincidence.[3]

Brock Marik was succeeded by his brother Thaddeus.

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Iris Marik
Captain-General of the Free Worlds League

Succeeded by
Thaddeus Marik


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