Bull Shark

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Bull Shark
Bull Shark
Production information
Manufacturer Unknown (Implied to be Clan Wolverine)
Class Assault
Cost Unknown
Technical specifications
Mech type Clan(?) BattleMech
Mass 95 tons
Chassis Unknown
Armor Standard
Engine Unknown
Communications System Unknown
Targeting Tracking System Unknown
Heat Sinks 3x Double Heat Sink
Speed Unknown km/h
Jump Jets N/A

1x Thumper Cannon, 4x ER Medium Laser, 2x UAC/5, 2x LB 10-X

BV (1.0) Unknown
BV (2.0) Unknown


The Bull Shark is a BattleMech introduced by Harebrained Schemes' Battletech video game (as opposed to designs taken from established Canon for the BattleTech universe). Thus far, it remains exclusive to that video game.


The Bull Shark is a 95-ton Assault 'Mech described as a "Heavy Brawler", and is equipped to engage targets across a fairly wide range bracket with its somewhat unusual arsenal. Most of its long-range firepower comes from a Thumper Artillery Piece (in the classic board game, this would be classified as a Thumper Cannon) that takes up most of the right torso. This is backed up by two Extended Range Medium Lasers in each torso, while each arm mounts an LB 10-X AC and an Ultra AC/5. The design features two tons of LB-10X ammo and four tons of Ultra AC/5 ammo. Three Double Heat Sinks (two in the left torso and one in the center torso) attempt to keep the very high heat generation of its ER Medium Lasers in check. In-game dialogue implies that it is a Clan Wolverine design, and would explain why Natasha Kerensky was trying to destroy it.

The Bull Shark was found in an abandoned JumpShip named Dobrev, which was also one of the Not-Named Clan's bloodnames.


  • BSK-M3 
    Outfitted with conventional Inner Sphere weaponry, the M3 lacks the long-range artillery piece of the "standard" BSK-MAZ. Instead, each arm is fitted with an Autocannon/10 and an Autocannon/5, and both side torsos mount two standard Medium Lasers and a pair of LRM-5s. It also carries two tons of LRM ammo, one ton of AC/5 ammo, and two tons of AC/10 ammo.