Bull Shark

Bull Shark
Bull Shark
Production information
Manufacturer Unknown (implicitly, Clan Wolverine)
Class Assault
Technical specifications
Mass 95 tons
Chassis Endo Steel
Armor Standard
Engine XL 285
Heat Sinks 13x Double Heat Sink
Speed 54 km/h

The Bull Shark BattleMech was created for the Heavy Metal expansion pack of the BattleTech video game. Only a single Bull Shark ever featured as a lostech find in the Inner Sphere, where it can be gained after completing the mission "Hourglass II" on the planet Appian in the Heavy Metal storyline.


The Bull Shark is a 95-ton assault 'Mech described as a "Heavy Brawler."

The BSK-MAZ is equipped to engage targets across a fairly wide range bracket with its somewhat unusual arsenal. Most of its long-range firepower comes from a Thumper Artillery Cannon that takes up most of the right torso. This is backed up by two extended range medium lasers in each torso, while each arm mounts an LB 10-X AC and an Ultra AC/5. The design features two tons of LB-10X ammo and four tons of Ultra AC/5 ammo. Thirteen Double Heat Sinks (two in the left torso and one in the center torso, plus ten in the engine) attempt to keep the very high heat generation of its ER medium lasers in check. [1]


Inconclusive circumstantial evidence including in-game dialogue from BattleTech/Heavy Metal[2] and being found in an abandoned ship named Dobrev, which happens to be a bloodname associated with the Not-Named Clan, implies that the Bull Shark is a Clan Wolverine design, which would incidentally explain why Natasha Kerensky was trying to destroy it.


The Bull Shark is a BattleMech introduced by Harebrained Schemes' Battletech video game (as opposed to designs taken from established Canon for the BattleTech universe); video games are not counted among the Canon sources.

It was later migrated to MechWarrior Online Legends, which however is also considered apocryphal. In this game, it is named Bullshark and appears in variants that all differ from the two featured in BattleTech/Heavy Metal. These are numbered BSK-1 through BSK-6, plus a BSK-M "Mako" Hero 'Mech variant. Notably, the BSK-4 and BSK-M are designed as Clan tech base while the others are identified as Inner Sphere tech base.


  • BSK-M3 
    Outfitted with conventional Inner Sphere weaponry, the M3 lacks the long-range artillery piece of the "standard" BSK-MAZ. Instead, each arm is fitted with an Autocannon/10 and an Autocannon/5, and both side torsos mount two standard medium lasers and a pair of LRM-5s. It also carries two tons of LRM ammo, one ton of AC/5 ammo, and two tons of AC/10 ammo. In addition, the double heat sinks in the engine have been replaced by standard Inner Sphere single models. It retains the endo steel chassis and extralight fusion engine of the BSK-MAZ model, however, which brings its C-Bill price far above any other individual BattleMech available to the skirmish mode.
  • BSK-1 
    The first of the Bullshark variants featuring in MechWarrior Online Legends and implicitly the base model. It features a 285 XL engine, 13 double heat sinks and standard internal structure. It features a symmetrical weapons loadout, with a pair of AC-5 in each arm, a pair of medium lasers plus a SRM-6 in each side torso, and a fifth medium laser in the center torso.[3]
  • BSK-2 
    Similar to the BSK-1 otherwise, this energy-based variant mounts a medium laser in the head and center torso, a pair of medium lasers plus a PPC in each side torso, and a medium laser and PPC in each arm. It is also outfitted with 17 double heat sinks, three jump jets, and a slightly larger XL engine (which is possible under MWO construction rules but illegal under classic BattleTech construction rules) but has slightly less armor. There is also a special version desinated BSK-2 (S) that is sold as an add-on in the MWO game, but its only difference to the regular BSK-2 is the paint scheme and an extra in-game C-bill bonus.[3]
  • BSK-3 
    A missile variant that retains the dual medium lasers in the side torso locations and features two more in the center torso but otherwise swaps out the armament for a head-mounted TAG and six LRM-10 launchers, one in each arm and two in each side torso. It has 16 double heat sinks and, again, a slightly larger engine than would be possible under classic boardgame construction rules.[3]
  • BSK-4 
    Built with Clan-spec technology unlike most other variants, this variant features an oversized Clan XL engine, 18 double heat sinks, a LB 20-X AC in each arm, a pair of SRM-6 in each side torso with a fifth mounted in the center torso, and one ER Medium Laser each mounted in the left and right torso and head.[3]
  • BSK-5 
    This version is again similar to the BSK-1, but with slightly less armor and three jump jets. Its weapons loadout consists of an AC-10 and a PPC in each arm, and a medium laser each in the left and right torso and head.[3]
  • BSK-6 
    Taking the BSK-1 as a basis but slightly reducing armor, this version makes use of Endo Steel and mounts 14 double heat sinks. It features six AC-2 (one in each arm and two in each side torso), six medium lasers mounted alongside the AC-2s, and a center torso mounted large laser.[3]
  • BSK-M "Mako" 
    The Bullshark Hero 'Mech is essentially an adaptation of the original BSK-MAZ with Clan technology, with the tonnage from the Thumper artillery cannon’s absence going to other equipment instead. It mounts an LB 10-X AC and an UAC-5 in each arm, one LRM-15 launcher, ER Medium Laser and ER Small Laser in each side torso, and two more ER Medium Lasers in the center torso. Four tons of reloads supply the LRM-15s.[3]


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