Category:Sources under Moratorium

This is a list of all publications that are currently under a moratorium from having their information included on BattleTechWiki. This means that these publications should not be used as sources until their moratorium period has expired. For more information, please see Policy:Moratorium.

Sources under Moratorium[edit]

ArticleMoratorium Date
Technical Readout: Irregulars26 April 2021
Fang and Claw8 May 2021
All Good Things15 May 2021
Gratitude Repaid15 May 2021
Inverted15 May 2021
Roadblock15 May 2021
Sackcloth and Sand15 May 2021
Shrapnel (magazine)15 May 2021
Tales from the Cracked Canopy: The Red Wraith15 May 2021
The Bye-Bye Brigade15 May 2021
The Weight of a Name15 May 2021
Paid in Blood1 June 2021
Recognition Guide: ilClan, vol. 139 June 2021
The Sun Will Rise13 June 2021

Sources with expired Moratorium tag[edit]