Lone Wolf and Fox

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Lone Wolf and Fox
Story information
Author Bryan Young
Type Serialized Novel
Product Shrapnel Issue 13
Era ilClan era
Timeline 9 August 3151 - 15 February 3152

Lone Wolf and Fox is a four part serial novel by Bryan Young. Part one was published in the thirteenth issue of Shrapnel, and parts two, three and four in issues 14-16.

Plot summary[edit]

On Alyina, Syndic Marena, leader of the Alyina Mercantile League, receives a report of a pirate raid. Her military commander, Star Captain Margolian, points out that he simply lacks the forces to adequately defend the city, much less the planet and than the raiders had high level assistance from Alyina. On Galatea, Katie Ferraro talks with his unit, which is now part of the bigger mercenary group Lone Wolves. The same day, on Alyina, Marena holds a meeting of the AML leaders. After debating how to face the military issue, she orders a search for mercenary units they can hire to protect the League. Two days later the Wolves arrive in the system and their spokesman, Albert Heidegger, meets Marena. Both discuss the Wolves' contract, and after bargaining over the unit's payment both agree on terms, contracting the Wolves. Seven days later, the Lone Wolves are already deployed and have to face another pirate raid against the planet's 'Mech factories. The Foxes face the pirates, much better equipped, and force them to retreat but at a heavy cost: one of their 'Mechs, Evan's Locust, was downed in the fight.

Evan Kurst survives, though his 'Mech was left severely damaged. on 8 October, the Fox Patrol's techs still hadn't been able to repair it. The same day, several members of the Patrol began training Alyina's volunteers to fight 'Mechs and pilot tanks. Meanwhile, Evan Huxley awakens on the hospital, and finds his husband Arkee and Katie Ferraro. A day later, Katie meets Major Heidegger, which orders her to work together with the Foul-Tempered, to train together. Despite the lack of more threats, Heidegger wanted the Lone Wolves ready for everything. Several days later, Rhiannon had to fight Bayani, a former Falcon in a Circle of Equals, to assert his authority. After, a combat exercice between the Foul Tempered and the AML trained militia ends in a draw, with the militians having defeated a 'Mech superior force. After Arkee visits his husband Evan on the hospital, and finds him happily talking with a male nurse, he begins to feel jealous and departs the place.

Eventually, fights between the AML's forces and mercenary units began increasing, worrying Marena. Meanwhile, Katie Ferraro promotes the Patrol's chief tech, Frankie, to the unit's XO, despite his protests. Also, Arkee grew distant from his husband, feeling jealously, and mistrusting Evan's nurse when they meet in a bar. A fight begins between a Tread of Doom mercenary and an AML militiaman. The nurse attempts to stop the fight, but it is too late, and the militiaman was killed, and the murder, arrested by the police. When the killer was judged, Bugsy Heidegger fears problems, and he didn't argue when the mercenary was sentenced to death. Eventually, Frankie cannot hold the pressure of being the Patrol's XO and resigns and abandons the group. Later, the nurse which had been taking care of Evan wants to join the Fox Patrol, and Arkee became furious about that. Katie Ferraro, however, insists to hire him. Days later, before their man can be executed, the Treat of Doom attacks New Delhi, rescuing his men from the jailhouse and also attempts to steal a fortune from the AML. However, they found heavy resistance from the Militia's Elementals and were forced to retreat after stealing a vault. Syndic Marina became furious for the betrayal, and decides to harden her posture with mercenaries.

In a difficult negotiation, the Lone Wolves manage to convince Marena to keep all the mercenaries' contracts, making themselves responsible of their common behavior. She accepts and also asks for the Wolves' help in another thing. Meanwhile, in the Fox Patrol, Katie soon founds herself overwhelmed by the work without Frankie. She talks to Ramirez, convincing him to become the unit's new XO, which he accepts. Soon after, the same pirates attack the Patrol's base, believing it was empty, but they fell to a carefully coordinated ambush. In the battle, Evan's Locust is downed again, but he wasn't wounded, and they took down most of the pirate raiding force, including two Ion Sparrows. After the raid, Marena revelates the traitor's name, one of her top Merchants, having him arrested, which strengthens her authority into the AML. Not much after, Katie convinces Frankie to rejoin the patrol as tech, and Rhiannon informs Evan than his Mech wasn't repairable, but than he will give him a new Ion Sparrow. The Lone Wolves didn't renew their contract, abandoning Alyina to Sudeten, expecting to find work there.

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