Arkee Colorado

Arkee Colorado
Character Profile
Affiliation Fox Patrol
Rank Sergeant[1]
Profession MechWarrior
Spouse Evan Huxley[2]

Arkee Colorado was a MechWarrior and one of the cofounders of the Fox Patrol.[1][3]


Prior to forming the Fox Patrol, Arkee and his boyfriend Evan Huxley worked as a two-person mercenary unit. By the time they were in their early twenties, they incurred unmanageable debt and, unable to repair their 'Mechs, sought out Jerangle-based mercenary and technician Katie Ferraro. In exchange for repairs and a continued stream of work, they joined under her command, forming the Fox Patrol.[3]

On 22 May 3145, Arkee, as part of the Fox Patrol, helped destroy the Jerangle Raiders in defense of the city of Gothenburg.[3]

For three years, the Fox Patrol unit kept working on Jerangle, building up funds until at last, in August 3148, it purchased a rundown and allegedly 'hot' Confederate-class DropShip, the Fox Den. This enabled the Fox Patrol to take a job on Kaesong: on 16 December, Arkee helped hunt down a bandit MechWarrior harassing Vangelis City.[1]


Arkee was large, and his thick black beard was made of tight coils. He was consistently uneasy about his missions, and stood out for his focus on the task at hand in battle.[1] Arkee was incompetent at 'Mech repairs, and had a distaste for heights.[3]


Arkee piloted a Quickdraw.[3]


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