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The Fox and the Bear

Shrapnel Cover (Issue 7).jpg
The Fox and the Bear
Story information
Author Bryan Young
Type Short Story
Product Shrapnel Issue 7
Era Dark Age Era
Timeline 13 August 3148 - 16 December 3148
Preceded by The Fox Patrol
Followed by A Fox on Galatea

Plot summary[edit]

In August 3148, the Fox Patrol purchases its first DropShip, the rundown Confederate-class Fox Den. The now six-person unit - two MechWarriors stronger than when it was founded and with a new pilot for the Fox Den - finally sets off from Jerangle.

The unit reaches its destination, the Rasalhague Dominion's Kaesong, on 16 December. After a smooth, if stressful, landing, Captain Katie Ferraro lays out the Fox Patrol's job: the magistrate of Vangelis City needs a set of bandits, including a MechWarrior, dealt with. With no Rasalhague forces available on planet and both of the Dominion's leaders refusing to send any, mercenaries are the only option.

The Fox Patrol sets out, worried about a possible trap, and soon finds itself entangled with well-entrenched minefield-supported infantry. Sustaining damage, they push on, discovering the bandits' single 'Mech: a 100-ton Kodiak. A fierce battle ensues, and the Fox Patrol barely scrapes by with a narrow victory. In the end, their employer refuses to pay, leaving Katie's unit in a dangerous financial situation.

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