Fox Patrol

Insignia of the Fox Patrol
Fox Patrol
Formed Between August 3143 – May 3145[1]
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command Independent

The Fox Patrol was a small mercenary unit founded on Jerangle.[1]


The Fox Patrol formed through a merger. Boyfriends and debt-ridden mercenaries Evan Huxley and Arkee Colorado joined up with independent Jerangle-based MechWarrior and technician Katie Ferraro, placing her in charge of both the unit and its repairs. The unit went on to do a series of small jobs at tight profit margins.[1]

By May 3145, Mayor Reif Becker of the city of Gothenburg hired the Fox Patrol to protect it from night raids by the Jerangle Raiders. The Raiders used diversions, feints, and force, but on 22 May 3145, the Fox Patrol destroyed them in and around Gothenburg. This ensured that the Fox Patrol would take copious salvage, but profit margins were still dangerously tight.[1]

For three years, the unit kept working on Jerangle, building up funds until at last, in August 3148, they purchased a rundown and allegedly "hot" Confederate-class DropShip, the Fox Den. The unit now has their own transportation means, but their savings were almost nonexistant. The now six-person unit moved on to Kaesong to hunt a bandit 'Mech on behalf of the magistrate of Vangelis City. Their employer refused to pay afterwards, leaving the salvaged Kodiak as their only earnings from the job, scrap to sell.[2]

Their pirate hunting mission won reputation to the Fox Patrol, so they were invited by the Lone Wolves to join their co-op unit. The dawn of IlClan Era found the Wolves traveling to Alyina, were they were immediately contracted by the Alyina Mercantile League. Deployed on Alyina's capital New Delhi to protect Factory Zone 4 on 25 September 3151, the Foxes faced a pirate attack, forcing them to retreat, but Evan's 'Mech was downed and he was wounded.[3]

It took two months to Evan to recover, and the same to repair his 'Mech. On November of the same year, the Fox Patrol faced the same pirate group, ambushing them. They easily crushed the unprepared pirates, downing two Ion Sparrows and destroying several armored vehicles. Once again, Evan's Locust was downed, though he wasn't injured. The Fox Patrol wasn't able to repair it, but instead, Evan received a rebuilt Ion Sparrow.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Fox Patrol
Captain Katie Ferraro 3145[1][2]


As of 3145, the Fox Patrol had difficulties coordinating but had its three 'Mechs play to their strengths when possible, and it took advantage of and gained confidence from its unusually thorough maintenance.[1]

Composition History[edit]



By 13 August 3148, the Fox Patrol had grown to six core members with five BattleMechs and a DropShip, the Confederate-class Fox Den piloted by Frankie Fischer.

Colors and Uniform[edit]

In 3145, the Fox Patrol used a color scheme of rust red and gray, both for their 'Mechs and their personal gear. This included rust red jumpsuits.[1] By 3148, they used rust-brown jumpsuits and a fox-themed paint scheme: rust-brown with white fringes at the bottom.[2]



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