Albert Heidegger

Albert Heidegger
Albert Heidegger
Also known asBugsy
AffiliationLone Wolves
Position(s)Spokesman for "The Committee"[2]

Albert Heidegger was a major in the Lone Wolves mercenary command.[2]


Originally from the Duchy of Andurien, Heidegger joined the Humphreys Training Academy. Leaving Andurien only weeks before his graduation from the training academy after learning of the planned marriage between Duke Ari Humphreys and Ilsa Centrella-Liao. Without any combat experience beyond his training at the academy, he signed on with the Lone Wolves, doing jobs seemingly no one else wanted to do. He slowly learned what was needed to run a mercenary outfit. By 3145, Heidegger was representing the Wolves in both contract negotiations and in the field.[2]

In 3151, the Wolves traveled to Alyina, the capital of the newly born Alyina Mercantile League. There, on 18 September, Heidegger had a private meeting with the Syndic Factor Marena, and impressed her, proving to be a keen haggler in his own right. Both bargained hard, eventually settling in a monetary payment and an OmniMech at each month of their six months contract.

Ten days later, on 25 September, Heidegger led the Lone Wolves into defending Alyina's Factory Zone 4 against a pirate raid. On 9 October, Heidegger had a meeting with Katie Ferraro, leader of the Fox Patrol, ordering her to train together with the Foul-Tempered, and advised her to exchange 'Mech parts with her.[3]

On 1 November 3151, after Alyina had been attacked by the rogue Tread of Doom mercenaries, Bugsy was outside the planet, and from the distance he instructed Major Hendrix McHale about how to deal with the crisis with Syndic Marena.[3]

Six months later, the Wolves didn't renew their contract and moved to Sudeten, citing, in Albert's words, a "lack of action." On 15 February 3152, Bugsy had a talk with the annoying leader of the Foul-Tempered while in transit, calming his worries about their next contract.[3]

Though they never were contracted by the Clan Jade Falcon Remnants, the Wolves were key to defending the planet against the invasion of Clan Hell's Horses.[4]

Despite only officially serving as the spokesman of the Wolves' committee, Heidegger left his mark on the group, heavily emphasizing cross-training. This approach paid dividends later during the Battle of Sudeten.[5]


After the Battle of Sudeten, Heidegger was given a salvaged Hell's Horses' Dire Wolf.[1]


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