Encounters: BattleTech

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Encounters: BattleTech
Product information
Type Board Game
Cover Artwork Eldon Cowgur
Interior Artwork Pablo Aschei
Christopher Balaskas
Juan Barea
Ken Coleman
Eldon Cowgur
David Dryburgh
Germán Varona Galindo
Alex Iglesias
Harri Kallio
David Kerber
Michael Komarck
Marco Mazzoni
Florian Mellies
Thomas Moor
Benjamin Parker
Marco Pennacchietti
Rob Ruffolo
Klaus Scherwinski
Anthony Scroggins
Tan Ho Sim
Franz Vohwinkel
Eric Williams
Mark Winters
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Board Games
Product code 37000
First published 31 January 2024 [1]
MSRP $29.99


No Guts! No Galaxy!

It is the thirty-first century. For generations, the Great Houses of the Inner Sphere have been at war, squabbling over the scraps of the long-dead Star League. Centuries of fighting have led to the formation of countless mercenary commands willing to take on the tough missions that the Successor States can't—or won't—take on themselves.

These mercenary commands live and die by two things: the almighty C-bill, and their reputation among their employers that they have what it takes to get the job done.

Encounters: BattleTech is a 1–8 player, fast-paced, push-your-luck dice and card game. Players act as mercenary commanders taking on contracts for the Great Houses. Defeating the enemies sent to stop them earns C-bills to spend on the equipment needed to keep their unit afloat. If they defeat enough enemies, they'll complete their contract and gain the hard-earned reputation that all mercenaries seek. So grab some dice, pick your favorite mercenary unit, and show the Great Houses that you're the best mercs in the Inner Sphere!