Crusaders Cluster

Crusaders Cluster (Steel Wolves) logo.png
Crusaders Cluster
Affiliation Republic of the Sphere
Parent Command Steel Wolves


This cluster was founded by Kal Radick under the name of Wolf Trap Cluster.

When Anastasia Kerensky joined the Steel Wolves, this was her first command unit, and she wasted no time molding these Wolf warriors into a reflection of her personal beliefs, beginning with a name change for the cluster.

The Crusaders became Kerensky's strongest supporters and backed her coup for control of the Wolves. Kerensky sees the Crusaders as her core unit and relies on them more than the other two clusters. The unit has become increasingly aggressive of late, clearly from her influence.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Wolf Trap Cluster
Star Colonel Anastasia Kerensky [1]
Commanding Officers of the Crusaders Cluster
Star Colonel Anastasia Kerensky [1]
Star Colonel Jigme Conners 3134[1]

Other Officers[edit]

In 3134 the Commanding Officer's aide was Star Captain Maurice Radick.[1]

Composition History[edit]


  • Crusaders Cluster (4 Trinaries / Veteran)
  • Equipment Level: B


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