Department of Military Communications and Research

The Department of Military Communications and Research was created by the AFFC to oversee the creation of fax machines ("black boxes") and research HPG technology. In 3050 there were at least 30 secret research facilities managed by the Department.[1]

As time passed, the Department expanded its focus beyond communications technology. The researchers employed by the Department were among the first to reverse engineer captured Clan weapons. The Department also began overseeing joint research projects between the AFFS and corporate or educational interests.[2] These projects often make use of experimental or advanced technologies developed at the NAIS and elsewhere. After the FedCom Civil War the AFFS kept the department intact.

Though capable of producing limited quantities of weapons and equipment for testing purposes (such as the Clan-grade ER Medium Lasers used on the prototype Pendragon BattleMech[3]), the Department of Military Communications and Research leaves production level manufacturing and procurement in the hands of the Department of the Quartermaster and private industry. This frees the Department to focus on research-related tasks.


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