Dieron (Individual Samarkand-class WarShip)

Vessel Profile


The DCS Dieron was one of four Samarkand-class carriers built to the original build standard and was launched between 2581 and 2585. The Dieron and a sister ship launched during the same period, the DCS Alshain, joined the first two ships of their class, the DCS Samarkand and the DCS Benjamin, on operations during the Reunification War.[1]

One of the Samarkands had been lost in service by the end of the conflict, but the remaining three ships assisted in colonization efforts launched by the Draconis Combine after the war, but would remain the only ships built in the first block of Samarkand production; when Coordinator Urizen Kurita II authorized production of the Samarkand to recommence in 2668, it was at a new build standard.[1]


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