Urizen Kurita (27th c.)

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Urizen Kurita II
Character Profile
Also known as "Urizen the Passive"[1]
Born 2590[2]
Died 2710[2]
Affiliation House Kurita
Position Coordinator of Worlds
Profession Noble
Parents Sanethia Kurita (mother) (disputed)
Leonard Kurita (father) (disputed)
Siblings Blaine Kurita (disputed)
Children Takiro Kurita[2]
Gozo Kurita[2]
Nariko Kurita[2]
Christopher Kurita[2]
Soto Kurita[2]

Urizen Kurita II was the nineteenth Coordinator of the Draconis Combine from 2620-2691.


Urizen II was a tall and imposing figure, though he was shy and quiet amidst the court. He was a sharp administrator and took after his mother and grandmother in navigating court politics. He successfully pursued a policy of peaceful economic trade and colonial expansion throughout his reign. Urizen was Kuritan to the core and monitored his Household Guard closely, ensuring their complete loyalty.

Urizen was responsible for the citizens' growing distrust of the Star League. Urizen ordered gradual changes in the Combine's educational system, underplaying cooperation between the Combine military and Star League Regulars during the Reunification War. This and several other tactics blended to create an image of the Star League as somewhat apart from the realm so whenever it suited the Dragon's purpose, the Kuritas used this growing dissonance to portray the League's policies and laws as outside interference.

When Urizen stepped down, he had established his legacy as the Combine's most influential Coordinator (outside of First Coordinator Shiro Kurita). Because of his many official and unofficial policies, the Dragon had adopted a nearly uniform culture and awe-inspiring fanaticism. Urizen capitalized on the citizenry's love for the culture of a Japan that had not existed for more than a millennium.

Until Urizen's reign, House Kurita relied heavily on the Star League for its military edge. Urizen's mass building programs encouraged factory construction and expansion of the Kuritan military industrial arm.

Finally, Urizen increased the ISF's budget and power, granting them the authority to stifle any trends that encouraged unsanctioned avenues of expression and political criticism.[1]

Retirement and Death[edit]

Urizen would step down as Coordinator in 2691, passing the office to his oldest son, Takiro. However, even in retirement he would continue to serve the realm, taking the role of Planetary Governor of Echo V.[3]

He would eventually die in 2710 in a ground vehicle accident.[1]

Philosophical and/or political views[edit]

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Common people who behave unbecomingly to members of the military class or who show want of respect to direct or indirect officials of my government will be cut down on the spot.
  — From Coordinator Urizen Kurita's Mandate to the ISF, 2680[4]


In Handbook: House Kurita, the Nineteenth Coordinator Urizen II is said to be the eldest son of Sanethia Kurita, while in the House Kurita (The Draconis Combine), he is the son of Leonard Kurita.[2][1]


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