Equatus 500 HoverBlitz Championship


The Equatus 500 HoverBlitz Championship is one of the most famous hover races done in Solaris VII. Every year several Teams participate in it.

In 3133 the competition was sponsored jointly by Bannson Universal Unlimited and Defiance Industries.

The competition has several rounds, and after the semifinals the final is defined as a 500 km race.[1]

The Race[edit]

Composed of several "laps", some of them are known for the specific events found on them:

  • Lap 3: The laser cannons came online in the third lap, infamously named Crunch Time.
  • Lap 5: Where pilots have to swung through the infamous Forest course, darting amid the steel trees and holographic foliage of a simulated woodland that can confound even the most experienced hoverpilot: a real maze of artificial trees and shrubbery.[1]


Each Team has to use their own facilities.[1]


  • Winner: Gold Starburst
  • Second: Silver Starburst
  • Third: Bronze Starburst

Team Champions[edit]


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