Executive Order 4

Executive Order 4 was an edict issued by First Lord Ian Cameron in 2572, outlining the Universal Curriculum for all Star League member-state schools.


The curriculum offered a group of courses aimed at promoting unity and peace in the newborn Star League by providing a balanced and measured view about each of member states. The teaching materials were written by Terran Hegemony teachers and authors. The curriculum began with the youngest child, with approved picture books and stories about the lives of children in other member states. As the child grew older, he received books about the other member states and the Star League. The curriculum was completed at League universities that required all students to take special courses about the Star League and its member states.

The First Lord had no legal power to alter a realm's internal structure, and so the Executive Order was mostly voluntary. Four of the five member states adopted the Universal Curriculum; only the Draconis Combine flatly refused. Though many of the schools altered the curriculum later, the original emphasis on peaceful coexistence and diplomacy remained influential throughout the League's existence.