Fractional Accounting


At the time of the original releases of Technical Readout: 3050 and Technical Readout: 3055, the construction rules for BattleMechs and Combat Vehicles allowed everything to be rounded off to 250 Kilogram (or "quarter ton") increments, but several designs were later changed when the construction rules were updated to only round off in 500 Kilogram (or "half ton") increments. This was often erroneously referred to as Fractional Accounting.

In the recent publication Tactical Operations, a new optional construction rule for Fractional Accounting was introduced, which allowed everything to be rounded off in increments of a single Kilogram, even on vessels as massive as DropShips. This also meant that BattleMechs were no longer restricted to carrying ammunition in one-ton allotments, and under these rules, Ultralight units became more viable.[1]

As an optional rule, however, it reflects experimental-level unit design and is not normally compatible with tournament play.[2]

List of Units that use Fractional Accounting[edit]


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