Gwen Hudson

Gwen Hudson
Character Profile
Affiliation Draconis Combine
Profession Doctor

Gwen Hudson was one of the doctors in the 1st Edo Company, a 11th Legion of Vega subunit that deserted in 3057. In its commander's hunt for Smoke Jaguars, the 1st Edo Company was the target of a gene-targeted bioweapon attack that ran rampant through the company. Gwen helped treat the victims and assisted in identifying the vector of infection, a prisoner the unit had recently taken.[1]

On 5 September 3059, in response to the disease crisis, Gwen, bypassing her commander, called for help from the 11th Legion. When they arrived, they took her into extended custody for treatment and study, Gwen being a carrier of the parasite. She survived the infection, an unlikely event the 11th's doctors speculated may be due to possible distant Clan-tied ancestry.[1]


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