Icarra Sung

Icarra Sung.png
Icarra Sung
Character Profile
Born 2987
Affiliation Capellan Confederation
Rank Major
Profession Commando

Major Icarra Sung was the commander of Warrior House Imarra, and then the Death Commandos, in the early thirty-first century.[1]


Born on Palos in [[2987], Sung went on to command Warrior House Imarra until 3015, before transferring to lead the Death Commandos until at least 3025.

Considered to be one of the most capable leaders of unconventional forces within the Capellan Confederation and a superb marksman, Sung was reputed to have carried out a number of clandestine assignments and assassinations, including as special projects for the leader of all the Warrior House Orders Karl Yaquinto Yadi. Arrogant and sadistic, Sung was also a noted expert on the Marquis de Sade and other ancient Terran torturers, as well as a number of late eighteenth century Asian martial arts.

Despite his work as an intelligence operative, Sung had a strong dislike for the Maskirovka, only matched by his devotion to Master Yadi and Chancellor Maximilian Liao.[1]


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