JAF-05 Flash Suppressor

JAF-05 Flash Suppressor

The JAF-05 Flash Suppressor was a standard weapon accessory developed during the Star League era for the SLDF.


Developed by Jameson, Airmore and Fiat, Inc, the JAF-05 could be attached to any standard SLDF rifle, whether it was a slug-thrower, grenade launcher or laser rifle. When attached to a slug-thrower the suppressor all but eliminated muzzle flash while a sonic dampener reduced the report associated with firing the weapon. It also eliminated the chromatic burst created when firing a laser rifle, although it could not mask the weapon's heat signature, allowing anyone with an infrared detector to still see it. The JAF-05 is considered among the most common and useful accessories available during the thirty-first century.[1][2]



Equipment Ratings: E/D/D
Cost/Reload: 1,000
Mass: 675g


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