Large Portal (Mobile Structure)

Castle Brian Large Portal
Production information
Use Large Portal
  • Storage
  • Tunnels
  • Hangars
  • Support Structure
Chassis Type Heavy
Motive Type
Technology Base Inner Sphere
Technical specifications
Size (in hexes)
Length (meters/Hexes) 210m / 7 hexes
Width (meters/Hexes) 60m / 2 hexes
Height (meters/Levels) 42m / 7 levels
Power System
Heat Sinks (total)
Construction Factor 100 (Capital)
Armor (per Hex) 100 (Capital)
Total Cargo (tons)
Doors (total)
Escape Pods
Crew 105 total
  • 15 Officers
  • 50 Crew
  • 40 Gunners
Armament 4x AC/20s
8x Large pulse lasers
8x Medium pulse lasers
8x SRM-6s +Artemis
8x Machine guns
8x Anti-missile systems
BV (1.0)
BV (2.0)


Large portals were massive fortified entryways built into Castles Brian to allow the speedy passage of Rattler-class mobile structures. These portals, significantly larger than most other Brian entrances, used a modification of the Castle Brian Aerospace Hangar in order to support the multistory door. Even the use of advanced technologies to build these portals couldn't overcome the fact that it requires significant time to open and close. For this reason, heavy weapons were incorporated into the design and gun emplacements stationed within 250 meters for additional support.[1]


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