Lissa Outerbridge

Lissa Outerbridge
Lissa Outerbridge
Born 19 August 2727[1]
Affiliation Free Worlds League
Rim Worlds Republic
Profession Director of the Office of Policy and Doctrine
Parents Tragan Outerbridge (father)

Lissa Outerbridge (born 19 August 2727 - died 2???[1]) was the Director of the Office of Policy and Doctrine for Stefan Amaris during the Amaris Civil War.


Lissa was born within the Free Worlds League to industrialist Tragan Outerbridge. Through the wealth from her father's business, she was able to gain the highest available education, which was intended to take over the family business. That plan was destroyed when her father's enemies within the Terran Hegemony and the Free Worlds League governments ran a campaign of espionage and illegal maneuvers which caused Tragan's business to end up bankrupt, leading him to commit suicide.[1]

Her determination for getting revenge on those that destroyed her father helped her to get appointed to Terra in the Free Worlds' consulate. Her duties in the consulate had her keep in constant contact with each of the other member's and territorial-state’s consulates. Her contact within the Rim Worlds Republic consulate pointed her in the direction of contacting Stefan Amaris. With his help, she was able to take revenge on two conspirators who ruined her father.[1]

The rest of Amaris' inner circle felt that Lissa was an outsider who would bring nothing to help Amaris and his goals; however, over the years of working within the consulate, she was able to build an enormous array of contacts that strengthened the political and economical clout that could be used for Amaris. Due to this power base, when Amaris was able to get deeper into the Star League government, he was able to transplant Lissa into the Bureau of Star League Affairs. From this office, she was able to create a group that would do all of Amaris' dirty jobs. This group would become known as the "Office of Policy and Doctrine."[1]

After Amaris launched his coup, Lissa went ahead and expanded her office and her agents into a paramilitary force which would replace the Krypteia and reported only to Stefan. These forces held the same rank as their counterparts in the Amaris Empire Armed Forces; they even had the authority to counter orders which they believed were not in the best interest of the empire. Lissa oversaw her OPD forces round up families and members of current and former SLDF personnel and other potential enemies of the state to be questioned and/or imprisoned. Their continued hunt and elimination of any threats, real or imaginary, to Amaris ensured that the AEAF was loyal and kept the population of the Terran Hegemony in line.[1]

When the Star League Defense Force under the command of Aleksandr Kerensky began their invasion of Terra, Lissa was quick to ensure that she disappear. The Geneva War Trials convicted her, in absentia, to death for her crimes against the Star League and the citizens of the Terran Hegemony. Her whereabouts and fate are unknown.[1]


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