M42B Rifle System


The Federated-Barrett M42B Rifle System is a high-tech ballistic rifle combat system produced by Federated-Barrett, a subsidiary of Federated Industries and the primary small-arms supplier for the Federated Suns. Designed to be the company's replacement for the venerable Federated Long Rifle, the M42B can be modified into three different weapons with a simple four-kilogram modification kit. In its standard rifle mode the M42B functions like a traditional projectile rifle with an underslung Compact Grenade Launcher and detachable five-round magazine. In a matter of moments it can be turned into a light machine gun with the addition of a heavier barrel, bipod and high-capacity linkless-feed ammo drum, or a special-operations close-combat rifle by swapping in a shorter barrel fitted with a Sound and Flash Suppressor. All three versions of the M42B also feature a built-in Laser Sight.[1]



Item: Federated-Barrett M42B[2][3]
Equipment Rating: C/X-X-E/E
Armor Piercing/Base Damage:
Standard Mode: 4B/5B
Close-In Mode: 3B/4B
Light Machine Gun Mode: 4B/5B
Standard Mode: 30/75/180/430 meters
Close-In Mode: 20/50/120/280 meters
Light Machine Gun Mode: 40/90/200/475 meters
Standard/Close-In Mode: 50
Light Machine Gun Mode: 300
Cost/Reload: 1,380/-
Standard/Close-In Mode: -/12
Light Machine Gun Mode: -/60
Standard Mode: 6kg/300g
Close-In Mode: 5kg/300g
Light Machine Gun Mode: 7kg/1.85kg
Standard Mode: Burst: 15; Recoil: -1; Laser Sight and Grenade Launcher
Close-In Mode: Burst: 5; Recoil: -1; Laser Sight, Sound and Flash Suppressor and Grenade Launcher
Light Machine Gun Mode: Burst: 15; Recoil -2


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