MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat/Jade Falcon Trial of Position Four

The war has ended. The Wolves have fled – the last of the Wardens – into the Inner Sphere. There is no one left to oppose us.

The war has cost us dearly, however. We have attained victory at the cost of blood. Our warriors lie in graves strewn across the occupation zone like so many stars in the inky blackness of night. Many we have lost…

[Star Colonel/Nova Colonel], this is a Call to Trial!

It is with the deepest sorrow and reverence we report: the noble Khan is dead.

Your numerous honorable actions in the field have placed you amongst the most skilled and excellent of all Falcon MechWarriors. The Keshik has decided to grant you a Trial of Position for the rank of Khan.

You will fight against the best of the Clan.

You will kill or be killed.

  • Current Rank: Nova Colonel
  • Rank if victorious versus the Phase One Star: Galaxy Commander
  • Rank if victorious versus all combatants: Khan

“Decision by trial. Combat be the judge.”

Trial Concluded (failure)

You have failed in Trial Combat versus the chosen foe. The Keshik, in their profound displeasure, has seen fit to demote you to your rightful place in the Technician Caste.

We have not the strength nor the troops to fight. The Falcon may perhaps go the way of all things, slipping silently into the realm of the dead, the only true sleep.

It seems Terra has come to be beyond even our grasp. Kerensky's words are but an echo, reverberant and faded. We may have failed our cause. Perhaps the crusade has ended.

Trial Concluded

You have displayed skill sufficient to acquire the rank of [Galaxy Commander/Khan]. The Keshik is yours.

You are bound by honor to uphold the responsibility of your new post whatever the cost. Only death shall stay you from your given duty.

{If Khan:} You are now free to plot the destruction of the armies of the Inner Sphere and lay waste to whatever may remain of the Wolves. This responsibility rests on your shoulders alone. Terra is yours to do with what you will.

{If Not Khan:} The end of the Refusal War marks the last of your chances to advance in rank. Only the Khan can dictate the plans for taking of the Earth should the Wolf howl again. Serve him well.

Remember Tukayyid! Let not the armies of the Inner Sphere humiliate the Clans again! Use whatever force it takes.


This bloody road has come to an end. Our fallen comrades litter the wastes of these barren worlds. We were trapped in the Wolf’s maw, he in our claws. We bled from our wounds, yet we did not die.

And now, the Warden Wolf, broken and limping, forsaking history, all that is honorable and right, has fled like a coward into the den of our common foe.

We will heal and resume the trek.

We are back on the true road.

The road to Terra.