MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat/Temper Edge

- Incoming Coded Message -- Kurultai Instruction Follows -

- Decode Fang Protocol – GALxAlpha 327th: 3rd

- Disseminate by need only -

The Falcons’ powerful 305th Assault cluster has pushed far into the forests of Findley Province on Baker 3’s southern continent, Lowa. Our 341st Assault has countered and engaged.

During the enemy drop, a modified Tarantula, T5 reconnaissance variant, was able to successfully intercept and decode a transmission that contains a list of intended enemy attack corridors. The T5 was able to make it into the cover of the snow blanketed Donner Rift.

  • Codename: Temper Edge
  • Planet: Baker 3
  • Terrain: Snowy Pass
  • Time: Dawn

The T5 is in the field at NAV RHO, wounded, a target of enemy artillery. You must escort a repair vehicle to the site, then assist the T5. Defend him and the repair vehicle until repairs are complete. Then you must escort the T5 to NAV SIGMA for a dustoff.


  • Primary: Defend, then escort, the T5 Unit to NAV SIGMA
  • Primary: Defend the repair vehicle until repairs are complete
  • Secondary: Destroy all attacking units
  • Secondary: Escort repair vehicle to dustoff site
  • Return: Dustoff at NAV SIGMA


The T5 was safely returned to Cluster Command. The data was successfully interpreted. The mission was successful.

Armed with the knowledge of the enemy’s intended attack corridors, the 341st was able to execute an ambush instrumental in decimating the Falcon’s 305th. Your honorable victory in the field is noted. The Keshik is pleased.