Mech Commander 2/Night Ops-Scorpio

Night Ops: Scorpio[edit]


Destroy as many Steiner resources as possible and extract before time runs out.


1. Extract
a. Destroy Ammo Dump Alpha
b. Destroy Ammo Dump Beta
c. Destroy Power Generator Alpha
d. Destroy Power Generator Beta
e. Capture Weapons Facility
f. Destroy Industrial Complex

Some good news, Commander. Davion Recon has been operating surveillance on a Steiner base in the Rameses Sector, and uncovered a weakness we can exploit. The sector is protected from DropShips by roaming Mobile Orbital Guns, but after analyzing their patrol patterns, we know there’s a short span of time when the sector is unprotected.

We need you to drop into this sector and cause as much damage as you can, and then reach the extraction point. You have to reach the extraction point before time runs out. Otherwise, the DropShip will have to leave without you to avoid the returning Mobile Orbital Guns.

There’s a well-defended Steiner base in the area – Base Scorpio. But there are plenty of important targets outside the base, so use your best judgement.

Strike a blow for the people, Commander. - Baxter

Tactical Officer Notes: Time is short on this mission, Sir. No matter what your plans are, we should leave the slow ‘Mechs behind on this one.

Baxter is letting us pick our own targets as opportunity permits, but I’d pay close attention to that Weapons Facility. All this security has to be here for a reason.


Cash: Hey. We got a stockpile of Thunderbolt Missiles here. Medium-range bruisers. With Thunderbolts, you don't fire a salvo. You fire one huge hunkin' chunk of ordnance.