Neural-Dimensional Computer

Neural-Dimensional Computers are a technology breakthrough developed during the first Star League.

Description & History[edit]

Neural-Dimensional Computing is the process of phasing and modulating light beams in a photon coursing computer ('Photon Coursing' being what long replaced electrical wiring in contemporary computers); Based on the principles of Neural-Dimensional computing, a new basic component of computing was invented - the Light Tree.

Using Neural-Dimensional Computers as a basis, computer designers created the SIBYL, a computer patterned after a Human brain - it's capability for calculations and rational decision-making as a quantum leap in computer technology, although it failed in achieving the designers hopes of replicating human-like thought.

These potent discoveries were made by several research groups during the Star League era, in turn were restricted by the Terran Hegemony (as was the norm with the Mother Doctrine) and then supplied to their own military.



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