Robert Madson (person)

This article is about the real person. For other uses of the name in BattleTech, see Robert Madson.
Robert Madson (person)
Born 2 September 1965
Died 29 March 2014
Occupation BattleTechnology contributor
In-universe persona Major General Robert Madson
Dr. Robert Madson

Robert Madson was a BattleTech fan and a contributor to BattleTechnology magazine. He designed the Rattlesnake BattleMech (a derivative of the Jenner) that was published in BattleTechnology, Issue #21. The fluff and accompanying short story for the Rattlesnake as well as the SuburbanMech from BattleTechnology, Issue #18 was co-written by Madson and Craig A. Reed.

BattleTechnology is not counted among the canonical sources for BattleTech anymore, but Craig Reed would go on to become a regular writer for BattleTech some two decades later. He eventually got both 'Mech designs canonized: The SuburbanMech received a writeup in the 2021 Shrapnel Issue #4 (revised over the original, apocryphal writeup); the Rattlesnake featured in his serialized short story Vengeance Games which Reed dedicated to Madson's memory in the header and where it was introduced in part 2 (Shrapnel Issue #7).

Reed also used Madson's name for an SLDF officer, Major General Robert Madson, in a sourcebook as a homage to his late friend,[1] and in Vengeance Games introduced one Dr. Robert Madson as the creator of the Rattlesnake.

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  1. As explained by Craig Reed in the forum posting announcing Madson's passing