Ryu (Individual Farragut-class WarShip)

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Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Farragut (modified)


The Ryu, under the command of Tai-sa Masao Sato, was the flagship of the Draconis Combine as of ca. 2600. [1] Originally a Farragut-class vessel, it turned out to be modified: It had been upgraded with a Lithium-Fusion Battery. and its aerospace fighter complement was apparently reduced.

During escalating tensions with the Federated Suns, Coordinator Leonard Kurita ordered the Ryu to the ostensibly neutral New Mendham system in late 2601 after the Federated Suns' Kitty Hawk-class carrier WarShip Enterprise had taken up position there, claiming damage to its K-F Drive after an accidental misjump. On 31 December 2601 the Ryu jumped into the system and claimed the same problem, also declaring they would regard it as an act of war if a fighter patrol from the Enterprise would get within one hundred kilometers. The Enterprise insisted on inspecting the Draconis Combine vessel with fighters with deactivated weapons, and when they closed to twenty-five kilometers and ignored warning shots, the Ryu destroyed at least one fighter. This sparked a full-blown space battle between the Ryu and the Enterprise. Nearby Star League WarShips (including namely the Aegis-class cruisers Patrick Henry and Michael Collins, and the Baron-class destroyers Templeton and Lancaster) intervened, ordered both combatants to stand down, and sent shuttles with boarding teams to both ships. The Ryu recovered her remaining fighters and unexpectedly jumped out shortly before the shuttles reached her, destroying several of them in the jump.[2] (It is implied that it was the Draconis Combine's plan to provoke the Enterprise into a firefight and have her impounded while their own flagship would escape boarding by means of its L-F battery system of which the other parties were unawares.)


The Ryu only appears in the German-only novel En Passant. As a foreign-language product, this novel is not currently counted among the canonical BattleTech sources. It is an official BattleTech product though, and as such should be regarded as apocryphal.

By extension, information from this source—in this case, the Ryu and its exploits—must be considered apocryphal as well.


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