Tadeo Amaris (Individual Aegis-class WarShip)

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Tadeo Amaris
Vessel Profile
Previous names Athens
Type WarShip
Class Aegis
In service since 2415

The RWS Tadeo Amaris (previously SLS Athens) was an Aegis-class heavy cruiser.[1]


Built in 2415, the Athens served in the Terran Hegemony navy for over a century before being mothballed around Titan in 2544. She was not reactivated for the Reunification War, but was broken out of mothballs as the SLS Athens, upgraded to the latest standards, and subsequently turned over to the Rim Worlds Republic in 2763, who reactivated the newly upgraded vessel under the name Tadeo Amaris and made it the flagship of the Third RWR Defense Squadron.[1]

The Tadeo Amaris and its squadron destroyed numerous Star League WarShips in Hegemony space when Stefan Amaris launched his coup, and staged hit-and-run attacks against Aleksandr Kerensky's supply convoys as the SLDF moved to retake Terra, becoming commerce raiders after the fall of the Rim Worlds Republic. Despite a two million Star League Dollar reward for information on the movements of the squadrons, their ultimate fate is unknown. It was noted that at least some of the crew who weren't fanatical Amaris loyalists were looking for a chance to leave what they increasingly perceived to be a suicide mission.[1]

As of ca. 2774, the Tadeo Amaris had upgraded its original aerospace wing of THK-53 Tomahawk aerospace fighters with two squadrons of RPR-100 Rapiers and AHB-443 Ahabs. Four DropShips were associated with the Tadeo Amaris, namely, the Achilles-class RWRS Saber, the Leopard CV-class RWRS Crossbow and RWRS Longbow, and the Elephant-class RWRS Blackjack.[1]


  • It is explicitly stated that the RWS Tadeo Amaris was previously the SLS Athens, but given that the Star League was only formed decades after the vessel was mothballed, the "SLS" registry apparently refers to the ship's registry immediately prior to being handed over to the Rim Worlds Republic; it was noted that the Star League had upgraded the ship to current standards after breaking it out of mothballs and before handing it over.


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