Saffel Medical Institute

The Saffel Medical Institute is best known as the birthplace of the Eligus Medical Diagnoser.[1][2]


Developed in the 2640s during the Good Years of the Star League, the Eligus Diagnoser was the brainchild of the Saffel Medical Institute. Using the latest computer technology, the Diagnoser was capable of running a complete medical work-up on a patient both quickly and with only minimal Human assistance. The Eligus Diagnoser also combined numerous medical devices such as X-Ray, CAT, GRT, and VelRay scanners into one compact device. The Diagnoser's ability to diagnose a medical problem and suggest a treatment in a fraction of the normal time and cost so scared the Star League Medical Association that it would not allow it into hospitals until 2665 for fear it would cost thousands of doctors their jobs. Ultimately the Eligus Diagnoser was instead found to supplement and augment their skillsets, becoming an important part of any Star League era medical facility.[1][2]

With the introduction of the Eligus Diagnoser, SMI became a destination for medical suppliers and equipment manufacturers.[1]

The Saffel Medical Institute is located in Saffel's capital city Radjik.[1]


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