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Sealth (Character)

Character Profile
Profession MechWarrior

Noted for his surprising agility at the controls of his Zeus, the reluctant MechWarrior named Sealth is a Lyran Commonwealth soldier who fought during the Third and Fourth Succession Wars.


A descendant of a group of Native North Americans that had settled on Zavijava, after his homeworld came under renewed attack during the Third Succession War, Sealth felt duty bound to help defend it, joining the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces and becoming a MechWarrior. Assigned to the Tenth Skye Rangers, Sealth would attract fame for his amazingly graceful piloting skills, moving his forest-green Zeus named Skokomish as if it were a medium 'Mech. First seeing combat around 3022, Sealth would often flank enemy formations, striking and dodging their return firing with un-Zeus like agility while the rest of his unit would hit the distracted enemy head on. [1] [2]

By 3025 with his homeworld no longer under direct threat, Sealth longed to return home and looked forward to the end of his legally mandated five years of national service after 3027. Dismayed at losing his skills, Sealth's commanding officers unsuccessfully attempted to convince him to stay on and teach his skills to young recruits. [1] Ultimately, the buildup for the imminent Fourth Succession War and the LCAF's enforced drafting and extension of National Service requirements for the duration of the conflict kept Sealth in the Tenth Skye Rangers, where his flanking skills would see use again. After the end of the Fourth War, Sealth finally retired back to Zavijava, taking Skokomish with him. [2]


While there are no indications that Sealth piloted anything other than a standard and most likely ZEU-6S variant, in MechWarrior Online the Skokomish Hero 'Mech features LosTech not commonly available at the time of his LCAF service and extensive changes in both weapon loadout and even paint job. Mounting a 320-rated XL engine and built on an Endo Steel chassis, MWO's Skokomish retains only the left-arm Autocannon/5 and center torso mounted medium laser of the ZEU-6S. MWO's ZEU-SK variant mounts paired SRM-6's in the Zeus' right-arm "missile fist" supported at range by a left-torso mounted PPC and twin LRM-10s. Thirteen Double Heat Sinks and two tons of reloads each for the autocannon, short range and long range missile launchers make it a deadly combatant. Sealth's famed agility is replicated via technological means - MWO Skokomish being fitted with MASC.[3]


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