Sienna Asuncion

Sienna Asuncion
Character Profile
Died 19 November 3076
Affiliation Word of Blake
Profession Precentor

Sienna Asuncion (Born ???? - Died 19 November 3076) was a Precentor for the Word of Blake during the Jihad.[1][2]

Character History[edit]

Sienna Asuncion was a folk singer before joining the Word of Blake, ultimately rising to the rank of Precentor, and was appointed to the world of Arboris at some point during the Jihad. Well regarded by much of the populace - allegedly for her kindness and tendency towards benevolant acts[1] - Asuncion was killed on the 19th of November 3076 in a terrorist bombing. The bombing was performed by pro-Capellan agitators,[2] who the Blakist news agency Voice of Truth claimed were members of a terrorist group known as "The Black Band",[1] and split the population into pro-Blakist and pro-Capellan factions.[1][2]



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