Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Sassanid


The Slasher was a Sassanid-class DropShip owned and operated by the mercenary unit known as the Raging Horde, along with her sister ship, Pouncer. The Slasher and the Pouncer had originally been two out of four Sassanid DropShips operated by the Raging Horde. The Horde's business manager, Bartholomew Alexander, emptied the Horde's bank accounts and ran believing the Horde to have been destroyed during the Taurian Concordat invasion of the Pleiades Cluster; after escaping from Lindsay, the Horde sold the other two Sassanids and swore to track down Alexander and extract revenge.[1]

By 3067 the Clan weaponry on the Slasher had been replaced by equivalent Inner Sphere-produced weaponry due to battle damage.[1]


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